iPhone Repair Service.

I Phone repair service centre in Central South Delhi, catering to all regions and easily accessible from any where in Delhi. Iphone requires special expertise, and we are fully equipped to handle the most sought after phone with full care and knowledge.

An IPhone has a slippery body which makes it prone to accidents, leading to shattered glass or other damage, we have the best equipment available to repair any kind of damage that an IPhone may have from a shattered glass to battery repair to liquid damage repair to Home button repair

  • iPhone4
  • iPhone5/S
  • iPhone6/S
  • iPhone7
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Mac Repair Service.

A professional team is available to handle any problem that you face with your Mac Pro, whether related to Screen, Harddrive or Retina or your Mac Pro requires a RAM upgrade. Every problem has a solution, and that solution is available with us.

Mac Book Pro is a strong, but a delicate machine to work on, if not handled with care it can have many problems, but we have the solution for all, from Retina repairs, to Hard Drive repairs to Ram Upgrades and Virus removal. Your Mac Book will be back to normal, once it goes back with you from our service centre.

  • All MacBook,
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini
  • McOS Sierra
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iPad Repair Service.

Some people have their entire world wrapped up in their I Pad, and when something happens to it, the world crasheswell we are here, nothing happens to your world, our team is fully equipped to handle any type of random issues that an I Pad may have. Your I Pad will definitely be in safe hands, once it comes to our repair centre.

An IPad can have several issues from a shattered glass to water damage to LCD damage to Screen Button problems, our service centre is one stop shop for all such repairs, with a dedicated team, your IPad will become new again, at our service centre

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 2
  • iOS 10
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Game Repair Service.

Box 360 & Box One
Nintendo gaming consoles

  • Xbox One Repair.
  • XBOX 360 Repair.
  • XBOX 360 Slim Repair.
  • PlayStation 4 Repair.
  • PlayStation 3 Slim Repair.
  • PlayStation 3 Repair.
  • Nintendo Wii U Repair.
  • Nintendo Wii Repair.
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